The Author

You can, obviously, see my face to the left. That slightly hipster-esque picture is good for business, it seems, because it tends to be the first thing people compliment me on. I have been dubbed ‘the Queen of Selfies’ by my friends and I am not exactly sure if that is a positive thing. Does that mean my selfies look better than my real life face? Probably.


I am a uni student and a bookstore worker. I am a classical musician and a craftster. I want to study to become a translator and people that know me will tell you that I am always writing. I am not overestimating myself – I am always writing. I am not saying it is any good, I am just always writing. My weapon of choice is the Pilot Frixxion pen because you can erase it as easily as you can write stuff down, my target is usually one of my many colourful Leuchtturm1817 notebooks.

I have an unhealthy interest in pagan culture, medieval literature, and everything that has to do with vikings. I should have studied Scandinavian Languages, or so, but I can’t imagine that would have improved my chances of actually finding a job. I usually spend my days researching stuff on the internet or reading one of my many, many books. I was storing all that knowledge, all those random facts, and I suddenly thought ‘girl, why don’t you do something with it’ so hereby I present to you, an entire blog full of random knowledge, mostly featuring historical literature and myths. I know a lot about vague warlords and landlords and the Lord of the Rings, as well as Harry Potter. I always worry, and I am generally easily bothered by stuff like things that break easily, stuff you have to pay more for because they have a brand name on them, our Dutch multi-media store (the Mediamarkt, brr), and the people that work at said store that pretend you are stupid, people in bookshops who complain about books being expensive, Dutch people complaining about not getting any discount, and parents of crying kids that look the other way and pretend the monster on their sleeve doesn’t belong to them. I take offense in silly novels with cute, supermodel slim girls that get their tall and dark stranger, romance novels with titles such as ‘eat, pray, love’, and the wrong use of commas. And people that start their sentences with ‘and’. I dislike readers who claim fantasy isn’t literature, literature isn’t fantasy, that children’s book are childish and that all contemporary novels tell stories for grown up. Every translator by Netflix should be fired, but most of all I hate books that tell you how to be happy.

So obviously, sometimes I buy them just to see if they work or not.